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Counsellor London Bridge, SE1 & Muswell Hill, North London, N10


Are you looking for an experienced, registered and well qualified counsellor?

I'm committed to providing the type of therapy for someone I love.

My Special Strengths :

One of my main areas of Strength is working with Anxiety:
I believe there is no reason for anyone to continue to feel anxious or depressed and also believe that negative situations can be used as a catalyst to push you forward and even motivate you toward achieving the lasting changes you desire. As a person with epilepsy, I had to learn how to turn a disability into an advantage and how to cope with self-esteem issues, relationship difficulties, stress, panic attacks and anxiety. In addition I have studied Mindfulness and Meditation which I practise daily and often introduce in sessions to help calm anxiety and ease depression.

I strive to help people with anxiety disorders achieve a calm confidence and those with relationship difficulties to find a heart-felt resolution, in addition:
I can also help those who are in crisis or have general depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, with life or career coaching, confidence or relationship issues, and sexual dysfunction. I can help them figure out ways to resolve their difficulties, traumas, gain happiness and pursue life goals.

Another of My Strengths lies in working with relationship struggles, areas such as loneliness, difficulty getting past the first date, low self-esteem or finding a suitable partner may be causing you anxiety, depression or even issues such as panic attacks and social phobia.

Such relationship problems can surface at any time, within a relationship or even when single. These difficulties can show up in a variety of ways including uncertainty, distrust, anger, feeling like you are being controlled or causing you to repeat patterns in the areas of work, family, relationship and love life.

In our counselling I help you to become more confident, productive, happy and pleased with yourself. As a result you are more likely to become more genuine, reach towards your potential, more co-operative, authentic and more sought after by others.

Counselling also helps to examine and modify any long-standing patterns that may interfere with a client's functioning, relationship and sexuality issues and quality of life. I work as a counsellor in London Bridge and North London. I also offer counselling in Muswell Hill.
Contact me for more information at

Do you want to boost your confidence?

Linking Thinking with Confidence:
Tell yourself
The people who look beautiful are the same as you, the difference is they tell themselves they look good, that shines through.
The people who say the most profound witty things as the same as you, they are letting go and being who they are.
The people who appear confident and relaxed are no different, they push themselves through fearful situations and tell themselves they can make it. The people who are successful are the same as you, they tell themselves go ahead and develop your gifts and talents, set goals.
We are all the same as the people on TV. It's what we tell ourselves that makes the difference.
So give yourself a big hug, tell yourself you are alright, you can be wonderful. Is a change of thinking needed? Anon

Do you wish to overcome anxiety, improve relationships, bring about real change, and pursue satisfaction in your life?
Objectives of our work together might include:
• Bringing out the best in yourself; allowing your strengths to guide you
• Flourishing and growing rather than just coping
• Being the best you can be
• Experiencing happiness and joy as a way of life
• Increasing closeness and intimacy in your relationships
• Feeling productive and purposeful in your work
• A significant shift in perspective
• A new foundation of awareness, confidence and self-esteem
• A degree of relief from depression, stress, anxiety and the pressures of painful emotions
• Being able to accept the people and things you cannot change
• Centering your life on your values and the people you love
• Learning to manage emotions well on a daily basis – regardless of life’s ups and downs.
Are you looking for life or career coaching?

My approach:

If you want a counselor who sits back saying “tell me more about this…….” or ‘Uh huh” this is not me.

If you want a highly intellectual type of therapist who spends multiple sessions analyzing dream’s then I am not the right person for you.

I am an active counsellor who gets involved in therapy. One who gives advice, homework, reviews and feedback on progress.

I will answer most questions as I believe counselling is a collaborative process.

I know that endless talking about the past does not promote growth or change and I want you to achieve change.

Many people have excellent insights into their issues yet are still stuck,
they may need a powerful psychological jump start to help them move forward.

Our work together will promote this movement, counselling is not a forever process. You should feel and see change happening.

I know I can help you and hope that you will feel and enjoy the benefits of working with me. Be aware, I will give homework and expect you to practice between sessions. My counselling involves more than dialogue, I will review and together we monitor change and expectations.

I offer brief and long term counselling in Muswell Hill, North London n10 and I work as a counsellor in London Bridge, Tooley St, SE1.
My therapy service is easily accessible within the city of London, More London Place, Canary Wharf, Bankside and Westminster.

Why not meet for an initial session?
Start, just see how it goes and you may be pleasantly surprised.
I can offer day or evening counselling sessions, flexibility in session dates is possible.
My fees are very reasonable considering my experience and qualifications.
Get in touch, there are no obligations, email me at: [email protected]

I use a variety of methods to help access self-insight through activities such as: dialogue, art, imagery or role-playing. During our work together we will strive to identify ineffective patterns of thinking and behavior and develop healthier, more effective alternatives. Within a safe environment, I will encourage you to take risks, try new things, and practice the change you hope to achieve. All aspects of the counselling process are designed to help you experience real behavioral change and eliminate the problems that impede healthy relationships. If you require anxiety counselling or have other difficulties contact me at:

Together we will look at your life history and the reasons why you are continuing with the behaviour which contributes to your anxiety, low self- esteem, relationship issues, depression and misery. Remember, no situation is too difficult to work on. Every person is unique and I tailor make a bespoke plan that fits your specific needs. I strive to offer the highest quality care and I consult with leading specialists in confidence for my clients in areas such as anxiety, relationships, stress, trauma, sadness, loneliness, panic, bereavement, divorce. In brief:

*We get a clear picture of your difficulties.
*We discuss techniques and strategies to help you when in need.
*You realise you have a choice of behaviours and implement your choice of strategy.
*You realise counselling is a commitment and you have the responsibility for making changes.
*We review your progress, successes and difficulties and what further changes are possible.
*You decide if you have achieved your goal and how much more counselling is necessary (if any).
I offer life and career counselling in Muswell Hill, North London, N10 . I also work as a relationship counsellor in London Bridge, SE1.

I also offer my service as a counsellor to 'MIND' which means I voluntarily help people with suicidal ideation and severe mental health issues.
I must have something good to say as the register for professional counsellors 'Counselling Directory' as well as other newspapers have published my articles for the Treatment of : anxiety, depression, confidence, life & career coaching, stress........ and how to achieve the lasting changes you desire ( I offer counselling in Muswell Hill as well as work as a counsellor in London Bridge. My therapy service in SE1 is easy to access from The City of London and London Bridge station.

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My role as a counsellor/ therapist

Through Victim Support, MIND, Trauma agencies and COUI work I have extensive experience in the following areas:

• Anxiety and Panic Attacks
• Depression Counsellor
• Stress and Tension
• Low self-esteem and Confidence Issues
• Absence of direction or meaning in life
• Loss and Bereavement
• Life and career Coaching
• Cancer
• Postnatal Depression
• Child related issues and parenting difficulties
• Trauma and Crisis situations
• Spirituality
• Difficulties in relationships or at work

I work as a Counsellor & Therapist in London Bridge, SE1, I am easy to access from Canary Wharf, Bankside, Westminster, More London Place, most tube stations in 'The City of London' and an easy commute from Central London.
My Counselling Muswell Hill address (North London, N10) is an easy commute from Highgate or Bounds Green tube station. There is also guaranteed free parking beside the Muswell Hill, North London N10 address which is also a short commute from Highgate underground.

To make counselling & therapy more accessible I also work evenings and offer flexibility.

Counselling Muswell Hill N10 & Highgate N6 (North London) and Counsellor London Bridge SE1 (The City of London).

For full details of what counselling entails or to check my registration qualifications please refer to my 'Counselling' column page 3 of this site.

You can phone for a free 15 minute consultation on 07769218281.

For any enquiries you have please email me at: [email protected]
I am happy to offer life and career coaching through my counselling Muswell Hill service or as a counsellor in London Bridge SE1.
For Therapy in The City of London email: [email protected] or call 07769218281

In order to offer you the service that best suits your needs I consult with a team of leading supervisors, therapists and trainers in the cutting edge fields of therapy. To read the opinions of others who benefited from my service please read the Testimonials page.

Some of the issues with which I work as a counsellor are:
anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, PTSD, relationship difficulties, loneliness, confidence, self-esteem, bereavement, anger, stress, insecurity, panic attacks, loss of direction, career coaching or life coaching, general anxiety disorder and many more.
As I have worked both privately and for institutes which deal with severe mental health matters for 17 years I have gained a broad spectrum of experience in many areas of crisis and relationship difficulties.

I am Irish, born in Dublin Ireland.

The following postcodes are close to the addresses where I offer my counselling service in Muswell Hill North London (N10) and
as a counsellor in London Bridge SE1, The City of London:

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